PageSeeder Solutions

Here are a sample of solutions built with PageSeeder that are realizing profound productivity improvements for developers, users and the organizations.

Publishing to multiple formats

Highly complex data, many formats, monthly releases

Solution 1

The principal document of the The Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)  - a government initiative with an annual expenditure of AUD$6.5bn and 168 million transactions - is the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits. A combination of critical pharmaceutical and commercial information, updated monthly and delivered to paper, web, CD-ROM and PDA.

PageSeeder's unique XLink architecture enables users with no XML or application training to create, edit and preview valid data according to a highly complex schema through a standard web browser.

Being able to quickly provide complex XML with an interface more typically associated with a blog or wiki means much lower support costs, improved data quality and more downstream processing options.

Development of learning objects for Flash and InDesign

Globally integrated authoring, development and project management

Solution 2

For one of the world's leading educational publishers, being able to meet crushing deadlines while leveraging the best available authors and Flash developers meant the traditional approach of moving Word files through the process was not an option.

Building the solution in PageSeeder meant authors were productive from day one. When the Flash templates became available, integration required no data re-work. By giving authors the ability to instantly preview and correct the Flash via their browser improved quality and reduced rework, dramatically cutting production time. During the whole process, thousands of objects were assigned and tracked with the correct version of text and media files, with real time reporting for the project team.

Also, by enabling text change reconciliation from PageSeeder to InDesign, authors are able to participate later in the production cycle with only a web-browser, instead of InCopy.

Custom implementations made easy

Lower costs expand possiblilities

Solution 3

Perhaps the biggest barrier to wider adoption of XML for publishers is the prohibitive cost of development. By dramatically lowering the barriers to implementation, PageSeeder enables teams to consider opportunities that would otherwise be impractical.