Real World Publishing Requirements

PageSeeder delivers a profound level of functionality through a single server. Capabilities include:

Straightforward Revision and Version Management – Users can access the current document version, previous versions and complex change histories, with no confusion.

Productive Structured Editing and Validation – All publishing systems work best when the starting point is consistent, high-quality XML data. Unlike traditional approaches to XML editing where compliance is often at the expense of user productivity, PageSeeder emphasizes productivity and compliance.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs – PageSeeder is designed to support the publishing of data, it is not constrained by data structures or formats.

Secure Access and Auditing – No unauthorized access to documents and no uncontrolled edits are possible. Access logging and complete audit trails are maintained for the life of the document.

Distributed Editing, Minimal Training – Focus on quality editing interfaces delivered through the browser means that contributors are productively up and running as quickly as possible.

Workflow and Project Management – In-built task and email management plus flexible, extensible reporting makes it easy to run complex projects through PageSeeder instead of spreadsheets.

Fast Implementation and Customization – Designed for fast, flexible, enterprise-quality deployment, PageSeeder can be run on local servers, on a hosted basis, or through Amazon Web Services without substantial investment or XML specialist staff.