Web-based Professional Publishing

PageSeeder is a comprehensive publishing platform designed to deliver maximum productivity to developers, integrators or anyone providing advanced publishing services.  Completely browser-based, PageSeeder has been under development for over a decade and has a successful track record of use in highly demanding, real world implementations that require both electronic and professional-quality paper output.

Integration and Cost

Recognizing that few publishing implementations have the luxury of starting fresh, free of legacy data or applications, PageSeeder acts as publishing middleware, adding powerful capabilities to existing systems. PageSeeder's pre-configured services and support for arbitrary document structures dramatically reduce development and deployment costs. No desktop software and radically improved XML editing translate into greatly reduced support and training plus significant productivity gains.

Support for New Publishing Strategies

Traditional publishing technology constrains the kinds of services organizations can offer to their partners and markets. PageSeeder's highly secure, fully browser-based architecture makes it possible to re-think how documents are managed and published. Key benefits include:

  • Providing secure and reliable shared publishing infrastructure and content to clients.
  • Managing custom document views to large numbers of subscribers.
  • Assembling content from a wide variety of data sources and structures into a single view for editing.
  • Supporting unique workflows such as the simultaneous, private review and annotation of a single document (like a contract) by multiple groups.